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The most beautiful woman on EVERY planet… Even in Jupiter!


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Kerry Washington: a summary (insp)

my babygirl <3

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Goodbye Harrison… and I love you

Yay!!! I’m so glad someone did this. It was such a subtle and cool tribute! I’m gonna tag redorkulous since he said he missed it.

Yeah, I liked this moment and the cell phone twist homage…

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You’re never going to be anybody other than who you are, and who you are is greater than [you] imagine… Who you are is not the way you look—who you are is who you are on the inside. There’s not a mirror in the world that can show you that.”

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Love! She looks so beautiful in happy here.

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"I want to be an actress when i grow up"

Marrying The Game || Cali Wants To Be The Next Kerry Washington (X)

Representation MATTERS

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gosh…. they are everything.

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my parents. beautiful.
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my parents. beautiful.

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